Going Real

On Saturday, May 22nd 2010, I poured an almost full bottle of red wine down the sink and offered myself up to God, the universe, or whatever, with hope and hopefully determination, to give up alcohol.  The decision was reached after attending a birthday celebration the previous night. Having taken a couple of Paracetemol tablets and a lemon Strepsil to soothe a sore throat and threatening cold-sore, the evening passed in a very enjoyable way. I managed to consume four small (bar-size) bottles of white wine which probably amount to about six good glasses, not a huge amount of alcohol over a period of around 5 or six hours but the following morning, I was totally washed out, over-tired and desperately trying to ward off a full-blown flu virus. Slow brained, fed up with feeling under par, and aware that my vulnerability to every passing cold probably has something to do with age, but I’m not over the hill yet, and after the difficulty I had in getting there, I have no intention of going down the other side for a long time.

From now on, I will face the world alcohol free, fingers crossed. However, I acknowledge that I need help and support to keep me on track.  I hope it arrives, from God, the universe, or whatever.

About maskednative

I live in Ireland, in an extended cottage overlooking Waterford Estuary, privvy to constant changes of light on water, colour and movement, tides and people. I am anglo-Irish and although my initial intention was to live here for a year and a day, I am still here, a blow-in to these shores for the past fifteen years. There have been countless times when I wanted to run back to England with homesickness and relief, but for one reason or another, so far, it has not been possible. I surrender, the soul of Ireland has captured me, allowed a glimpse of the world behind the mask of everyday experiences, bringing forth a mixture of words and pictures from an ordinary everyday life, filled with ordinary everydayness that I offer as a celebration, to the creator of this truly wonderful planet.
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4 Responses to Going Real

  1. Nick says:

    When will you put some of your art on the blog?

    I nearly poured a full bottle of red down the sink too but wine costs and arm and a vital organ here so I used some to cook chicken a la Nick and I’m working while drinking the rest.


    • maskednative says:

      Tried to do just that this morning but obviously haven’t got my page set right yet, have enlisted Richard’s help and will get going properly soon.

      Re: Red wine, your intentions were admirable, but I appreciate you no wasting an expensive bottle of wine. I trust the chicken tasted much better with the addition of a little alcohol, and your appetite was much improved. Bon Appetit x


    • Rich says:

      Good idea ! marinade food and not yourself…..


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