Earth Breath

A slow, deep swell.  Tides recede, just for a moment, until the quiet, still centre gives back, and rushing to the shore, finds our footprints.

I have started, almost, but nearly at the end of October now and still haven’t got myself into a regular routine of real exercise. Feel really good on the one or two days that I drive into town, park my jeep a distance of just over a mile from the centre and walk the rest of way and back again.  I Walked to the beach and back on a few sunny days, took my camera and notebook with me, very pleasant. Took my bike out of storage and ventured out on it, once, but these country roads are so full of potholes and stones that it’s really not much fun, but I will get going.  I really will.  Monday is the 1st of November, this week-end I will plan how, what, when and where. I will.

After listening to music by Aqualise, the short poem above, came  easily. I became aware of my own breath,  in time with the sound of the sea. It was a deeply relaxing experience and made me realise how much benefit can be gained after just a few moments of real meditation.  How many of us try to fulfill all kinds of daily tasks,  as well as doing our best to look after ourselves.  I keep trying to get going on a regular exercise routine, so far, it’s all been a bit haphazard, but I will keep trying. I intend to take part in Mary Jaksch 8 week fitness challenge on Goodlife Zen,  and I will listen more often to grounding, meditative music.

A Short Walk

A Short Walk

After three months of no wine, my cholesterol reading went up. Perhaps I should stop eating chocolate biscuits, or embrace the fact that drinking wine might be good for me. I decide that a spot of exercise wouldn’t go amiss, so I walk from the house, along the country road, cut in at the summer camp and along the beach as far as the Doctors house. It’s a short walk but it’s a fine day and with my back towards the setting sun, I sit on a dry mound of sand where grasses in scattered bunches grow indiscriminately. It is a good place to be still for a while. The tide is out; children chase playful dogs, their laughter carries smiles and happiness enough for everyone. People are walking the long stretch of yellow sand, some alone, some in groups, their voices drift into late afternoon.

As the sun sinks further into the west, walkers leave for home, families pack up their belongings, reluctant children beg for a little more play. The light is changing; the beach is becoming more of what it really is. Go quickly now or stay.