Turquoise Tortoise

A Tortoise has 13 large patterned squares in the centre for the thirteen full moons of the year.
There are twenty-eight smaller squares around the perimeter of shell, representing twenty-eight days of each lunar month.

28 days = 4 weeks
4 weeks= 1 lunar month
12 months = 52 weeks
52 weeks divided by 4 (4 weeks in 1 month) = 13 months.

To the Native American Indians, Tortoise represents Mother Earth. We would do well to observe the Tortoise by slowing down, living simply, and making good use of what we have.


In my sisters house, I wake to the sound of english things. How peaceful life seems, as if time has gone backwards, and the mania of the 21st century spiralling out of control, just a dream. The world has settled into normal orbit. I give thanks.Image
Supposing a tree fell down when you were underneath it?
Supposing it didn’t.’ – (Pooh’s Wisdom and Tigger’s Bounce.)

Ruairi In a warm air breeze, the spoon mobile tinkles. Ruairi drinks from rain-water puddles. On the beach, a heron, in sea-drenched Tai ‘chi pose. There is sand on Ruairi’s nose. Clouds dash. Swallows dive. Wind gathers leaves. Ruairi follows the scent before sleep. In the dark filled quiet of the star shining night, the falling comes, in a dream-filled deep.