Winding Roads

Winding Comeragh roadOn winding roads, the destination appears within reach, around the next corner, past weathered clumps of dried grass, each twist and turn bringing more of the same. Time waits for no man, so they say, but I’m not in a hurry, the air is fresh, clean. Mountain sheep invite me to stay awhile. We meet in mutual consideration, acknowledge footsteps, insignificant in eyes that long only to arrive. This winding, mountain road holds me, spellbound, rooted, my destination, here, now.



Cloud vision

Why do you keep testing me God?

You know I love you. 

Your vision an awesome comfort,

and yet, shall I fear?




I am crow.

Crow I see.

Black, my colour for Swan to greet.

I am swan. With Crow I see.

White is my colour, for tears to weep

in a river-weed tangle around my beak.

I am the river. With Swan I hold

secrets, to carry and tell to the sea,

where the song of the deep will know the truth,

seen in the eyes of peacock, blue.

I am peacock, a rainbow frieze

of beauty and love and broken dreams.

With phoenix I walk to the setting sun,

the night will soon be overcome.

I am Phoenix. In flames I tread.

From ashes I rise with a golden egg.

Crow wants to know what I can see.

I am Crow. Crow is me.

Winged Horses

Fiona's Foal

Traffic Lights are red

The radio broadcasts jingles

that could get into your head.

Across the way,

two horses face each other.

as still as a day with no wind.

The silence of early morning light

with winged horses in flight,

lasso my willing soul.


Daybreak 2

Slowly, silently,

went the moon,

went the darkest

Easter I have

ever known.

This morning, I give thanks,

for your breath,


for  your heart,


Slowly, gently,

with the dawn.