Letting go

Gathering Ireland opens it’s doors and hearts to friends and family across the world. Calling all descendants, to come home, to celebrate in villages, towns and cities. A year-long celebration of Irish ancestry, restoring the spirit of it’s people. It made me think of gathering in a wider sense, of how thinly I have spread … More Letting go


A small voice said, let go, and with all my senses aware, I almost fell. Completely. Then pulling back, fearful of losing myself in the deep, still, interior of being, and then to perceive the blessing of being found.

The Hawthorn Hedge

Flower beds, climbing beans, cabbages, crisp and clean, the narrow ditch where nettles sting. Snail tracks glisten like silver threads on the pile of stones at the garden end. On hands and knees I hold my breath, gaze through the gap in the hawthorn hedge, to the meadow, where white horses tread. And everywhere I look, is … More The Hawthorn Hedge