When I was a chid,

I couldn’t imagine where the world began,

or ended.

There was magic in a rainbow,

the friendliness of trees,

countless days to play, to dream,

until fear, shame, guilt, pain,

shadows cast, and the child was lost.

Was love ever here?

Did it begin? Did it end? Why can’t I remember when?

Did you miss me, child, were you lonely then?








7 thoughts on “Play

  1. Lovely and so true — the child that resides in all our hearts… so often gets lost and stifled in the midst of all the challenges – the external forces that threaten to stifle love that is truth… your piece is a beautiful reminder – to nurture and revive that child always. The companion image is very effective here as well ~ Thank you ~ x RL


    1. Thank you Robyn Lee, your comments are very much appreciated. I am re-discovering your blog and look forward to reading more, the mould of childhood wonder is a precious gift for us all.


  2. Yes Virgilio, the child is always there, waiting for us to return and have a relationship again, and there is so much to learn from each other. We can assure that everything will be alright, while child will help us return to our true heart.


    1. That wiggling snake tickled a smile, a good day for wonder.

      Thank you for your response to my post, your poetry is very sensual.
      I will take a look at more of your imagery


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