Water, rippled in the breeze, curled edges running quickly to sharp sand, changing the shape of this strand, where bare white crabs sleep in shallow, sun-warmed, salty pools, where flesh pink shells glisten like jewels and raucous sea-gulls swoon in a summer-blue sky. Where Oyster Catchers ride the tide inches above foam crested waves that … More Alchemy


Like white-foamed waves that break on lonely beaches. Like the wind’s song where no one hears the wind. They beckon us, I know, but to no purpose –The old forgotten things of humankind. ‘Remembrance’ – From Cofio – Waldo Williams ~ ~ ~ In my dream, dolphins played in a friendly sea. Their joy swelled … More Cynefin


Daylight. Sun and cloud shadow, bird-song echoes through an open window. A dog barks, the cat calls for breakfast. Kettle boils, coffee brews, rain falls on the garden. Structures, solid, recognisable, re-assuring. Neurons. Electrical impulses. Thoughts. Senses. Patterns in transit. The kaleidoscope of life, evolving. ~ ~ ~ Oil painting ‘Transit’ © 2014 Masked Native     … More Transit