Field Notes By The Sea


Listen with the sea, curling over rocks,

Field notes for MN1

oyster, laid open with razor, and clusters of pink and bone white shells.

field notes for MN2

Listen with the Gulls, see them swiftly rise and fall, hear their call of freedom over footprints.

field notes for MN3


Sit upon a warming rock,

field notes for MN4

 listen to the tide, fill your spirit with the  lullaby,

 the heaving sigh.

shivoham, shivoham…..

A most beautiful mediation of Hindu song, the accompanying photos are wonderful.

Santa's Reindeer


manobuddhyahaṃkāra cittāni nāhaṃ

na ca śrotrajihve na ca ghrāṇanetre

na ca vioma bhūmir na tejo na vāyuḥ

cidānandarūpaḥ śivo’ham śivo’ham

Given below is a beautiful rendition of the same shloka.

Tomorrow is Mahashivratri, a very auspicious time for any hindu. This beautful statue of Lord Shiva was washed away during the Uttrakhand floods. I want to share this beautiful statue and verse with my friends Smile

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Third Anniversary

Rocks & sea 2

4th February 2015
A bright winter sun, cut through with North wind chill.
I sit with some discomfort below the wall made from  rocks and stones.
The tide is out. I feel it has taken you with it but I am here, honouring the memory of you.
Three years since that night,
listening with J & S to the gentle music and chanting of Tibetan Meditation.
We lit candles in the Gazebo at the end of the garden.
We were with you, waiting for midnight, to coincide with your leaving on the other side of the world.
When the music ended, we opened a bottle of Champagne
and laughing through tears, we shared anecdotes of your past presence in our lives,
but in a breath of wind, the cry of gulls, a whispering sea, you are always here.