Corridor 2

Through my open study door, I can see the corridor.

The cats, Geronimo, and Tabby Cat pass by,

independent, yet needy,

they choose to occupy my territory.

The corridor leads in and out,

the smaller exit perhaps,

leading to other possibilities.

About maskednative

I live in Ireland, in an extended cottage overlooking Waterford Estuary, privvy to constant changes of light on water, colour and movement, tides and people. I am anglo-Irish and although my initial intention was to live here for a year and a day, I am still here, a blow-in to these shores for the past fifteen years. There have been countless times when I wanted to run back to England with homesickness and relief, but for one reason or another, so far, it has not been possible. I surrender, the soul of Ireland has captured me, allowed a glimpse of the world behind the mask of everyday experiences, bringing forth a mixture of words and pictures from an ordinary everyday life, filled with ordinary everydayness that I offer as a celebration, to the creator of this truly wonderful planet.
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6 Responses to Corridor

  1. Richard Sibley says:

    I remember this corridor, it leads into the older part of the house….


  2. SirenaTales says:

    Ooooh, a lovely gem you’ve crafted here. I admire how you create such a rich world in so few words. No “perhaps” in my mind (although I love the poetic questioning :)) that the smaller exit-in your home, in our souls- leads to other possibilities. Avanti! Thank you, lovely. Xxo

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  3. Geo Sans says:


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