Half-way Up The Mast

Gotheborg Sail Training Ship 2015
Gotheborg Sail Training Ship 2015

The companionship of like-minded beings,
managing ropes, sails, decks, cleaning, maintaining,
eating, sleeping, learning,
contained in a vessel of awesome proportions.

Half-way up the mast, the view is changed,
the deck below much smaller than it seemed.
Half-way up the mast, sea, sky, wind,
a single mind, a new perspective.

 Photo courtesy of Richard Sibley tallshipsgallery.co.uk

14 thoughts on “Half-way Up The Mast

  1. Teri, I find this alluring in so many ways. There is a “aboveness” to all that goes on in our lives, a rising above to see what really matters, getting out of our own head and into the fresh air. What happens below is necessary of course, but it’s all part of a more glorious and life-giving reatity.

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  2. Reblogged this on Tall Ships Gallery and commented:
    From the Masked Native – Life on the Waterford estuary and the realities of sailing an 18th century Swedish East Indiaman, maybe the Gotheborg will visit Ireland one day

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  3. Thank you for starting my day with an expansive and expanding piece, Teri. You refresh and inspire. Especially love how you use the spaces of our lives-a garden, a corridor, a ship and its mast, the sea-to plumb their wisdom and beauty and share with us. A practice of cultivating and shifting perpective. xo

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