14 thoughts on “Roots And Seeds

  1. The boughs have been creaking too today 🙂 as the wind picked up.. Love your poem and your image 🙂 Autumn is a wonderful Season… Each season has its own merits and I love each one when they arrive..
    I am loving blackberry picking right now, we have a long hedge of them around the shed of our allotments.. And I picked lots more this morning to freeze.. 🙂

    Wishing you a Blessed Week.. Love and Hugs .. Sue x

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  2. Teri, I am nominating you to take part in the 5 photo day challenge… You do not have to accept and you can post sporadically not on consecutive days..

    But as you already do this so beautifully anyway when you post I thought to share your wonderful poems and photo’s with more of my community 🙂 I do not have a link as its not yet posted until tomorrow Monday..

    Love to you.. Sue xxx ❤ But when it is I will be back with it..
    Hugs Sue x

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    1. Hi Sue, Apologies for my late reply, thank you for nominating me and also for your lovely compliments. I have had a busy week, my time taken over with unexpected stuff, all ok, but no time for being anywhere near creative, perhaps next week I may be able to rise to the challenge.
      Have a lovely weekend, all best to you xxx Teri


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