Roots And Seeds

pixie Dell tree

Sun gold drips through green tipped fingers.

Autumn whispers in falling leaves.

Creaking boughs a carpet weave.

Listen to the forest breathe.

Sophia says go out and play,

follow your imagination,

whatever you can imagine

is enough for the day.


  1. The boughs have been creaking too today 🙂 as the wind picked up.. Love your poem and your image 🙂 Autumn is a wonderful Season… Each season has its own merits and I love each one when they arrive..
    I am loving blackberry picking right now, we have a long hedge of them around the shed of our allotments.. And I picked lots more this morning to freeze.. 🙂

    Wishing you a Blessed Week.. Love and Hugs .. Sue x

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  2. Teri, I am nominating you to take part in the 5 photo day challenge… You do not have to accept and you can post sporadically not on consecutive days..

    But as you already do this so beautifully anyway when you post I thought to share your wonderful poems and photo’s with more of my community 🙂 I do not have a link as its not yet posted until tomorrow Monday..

    Love to you.. Sue xxx ❤ But when it is I will be back with it..
    Hugs Sue x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sue, Apologies for my late reply, thank you for nominating me and also for your lovely compliments. I have had a busy week, my time taken over with unexpected stuff, all ok, but no time for being anywhere near creative, perhaps next week I may be able to rise to the challenge.
      Have a lovely weekend, all best to you xxx Teri


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