Sophia Said – 5

Sophia said do not try, be still, sometimes that is enough. Curtains still drawn. The soft glow of a spot-lamp on the old oak table. A cafetiere of fresh coffee on the little blue tray, printed withVan Gogh’s beautiful Almond Tree blossom. Books on shelves and all kinds of loved objects nearby. Objects of stillness. … More Sophia Said – 5

Sophia Says – 4

Sophia says, go out to play.  And the day was full of expectation. ~ ~ ~ When I was a child, I climbed walls, just to see what was on the other side. It didn’t matter how high, your friends were always there with you. You could sit on a wall, throw a ball against … More Sophia Says – 4

Sophia Said – 3

Sophia said it doesn’t matter that you don’t know how, or why, or when. Listen, there is music. A random google link to Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom brought to my mind the words “Sophia says go out to play.”  So in response to the 5 day photo/story challenge from suedreamwalker check out her lovely blog, … More Sophia Said – 3

Sophia Said – 2

Wisdom is realising what monuments of your life are worth restoring, and what needs rest. Thresholds Old buildings are incredibly interesting, the lives they contained, the changes, the eventual giving way to natural processes of decay, mosses, lichens, nesting grooves for all kinds of animals, and there are those not built to last, will never … More Sophia Said – 2

Sophia Said – 1

Look deeply into the forest of your heart, see how much I have always cared for you. ~ ~ ~ When I was really small, I explored the secret world of my Grandmother’s garden. Crouching under the bright green shrubs it was easy to become invisible. The wonder of nature seen through my childish eyes, … More Sophia Said – 1