On The Wings Of Peace

Mike's card for world peace0002

During the 1980’s, Mike (Michael) Bryant created the Peace card above with a return option for receivers to re-send. He hoped that the chain of Peace would spread around the world. Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to sending it on at that time, I wish I had, but I offered his peace chain on my blog in November 2015, I don’t know how far it eventually travelled  and now, for the second time, I offer it once more, to reach the hearts of all people who believe that Peace is the answer, that peace can soften the hardest hearts, that love for our planet and all it’s peoples, animals, vegetation, will bring the light back, to heal and nuture the gift of life in all its forms. hummingbird circled

Image of world globe from original card by Mike Bryant

Wings of Peace is author’s own.

38 thoughts on “On The Wings Of Peace

  1. I’m more than happy to pass on anything that promotes peace. After thousands of years we don’t seem to be any nearer to it but both the planet and it’s occupants need it badly. I want a chain of Hugs over the world that transcends colour, race and religion.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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      1. Well Hariod, a dove of peace was certainly my intention for this message, but I didn’t see them in the clouds as you did. It’s rather wonderful to think that they were there all the time. Thanks again for your reassuring insight.

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    1. Sue, I thought I had replied to this just now so not sure where my reply went to, ping backs maybe and I have just noticed how many followers you have, wow, thank you big time for reposting my peace message. Have a lovely week-end xxx


      1. I sure do. I’m older than dirt, you know, and already had 3 kids when the movement started, so I was singing the songs before Joan Baez ever learned them. Also taught my children about the movement, and my daughter keeps it going now also.

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  2. Reblogged this on Baydreamer and commented:
    My friend, Sue, shared this post from Teri in Ireland, and hopefully many are spreading the ripples of peace. This is my turn and may you find it in your heart to do the same. With love and blessings, Lauren ♥


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