22 thoughts on “With Better Eyes

  1. Wonderful Teri… Water reflects all the colours of a rainbow… 🙂 and if the observer would ignore the outside distractions, and go within their own flow.. Then I think dear Teri they would see the beauty you speak of .. As we each find our own level in the rise and fall of this emotional tide that often floods our thinking..

    A beautiful poem Teri, and Photo.. I hope you do not mind my own interpretation of it 🙂

    Wishing you a blessed Weekend.. Hugs Sue xxx

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    1. Dear Sue, thank you so much for understanding what I try to convey, and for your interpretation which leads me to further understand what I mean.
      Wordpress somehow crashed and published my draft before I felt I had it right, just a slight difference, but amended quickly now.
      Thank you again Sue, blessing to you too xxx

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    2. Hello Sue, Thank you for your interpretation, it is very welcome and I like your connection to the flow of water with emotions.

      Water, simply being water, following it’s irresistible nature. Perhaps, when we become aware of the rise and fall of our own emotions, we find a place of peace in our hearts.


  2. This is a poem for contemplation Teri. Like a puzzle… and perhaps the pieces of this puzzle in the last two lines fall into place reading …
    “aware of not being an observer
    seeing with different eyes.”

    Only a thought Teri and thank you for illustrating and sharing your beautiful insight with words

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    1. I appreciate your input Jana, your re-working makes perfect sense and I can see how it comes across that way. Perhaps I published too quickly, not giving enough time to contemplate my thoughts.
      To try and convey, It was as if I was also being observed, by the life that is water.
      ‘Like water, aware of ( its) rising and falling, aware of (its) observer. ‘
      Does it make sense with the addition in brackets? Perhaps it is still obscure.
      However, I am happy with your interpretation for that is exactly what happened, losing oneself in the act of non-observance is seeing with different eyes. Thank you Jana.

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      1. There is a certain alchemy in sharing our perceptions, isn’t there? Your poem whisks me immediately to cognizance of my own intimate relationship with water. “Like water aware of rising and falling” That line Teri….speaks so beautifully to this relationship…where lines are not draw between self and other despite our uniqueness. However you phrased this poem Teri, it speaks clearly from the heart of nature. You’ve given a voice to one that we all can recognize and long to hear.

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  3. This felt very powerful Teri, and you conveyed – perhaps I should say ‘invoked’ – a certain feeling within that’s hard to describe, yet familiar. It’s perhaps something to do with the pure perception of seeing – of seeing without the usual conceptual overlay that neurotically insists on knowing what the seen is.

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    1. ‘A certain feeling within that’s hard to describe’….
      How true this is Hariod. I am so grateful that you felt something of what I was trying to convey. It’s a bit like right/left brain thinking, sometimes, the analytical side allows a more creative/poetic/spiritual impression to surface, but then we have to call it back to put that into words, always a difficult task for me. Thank you again for your comment, I appreciate it.

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  4. Beautiful message, one a lot of people could heed, if they took the time to think about what you said. Seeing with different eyes, from a new perspective, is what I do all the time and I am so happy to meet another soul in this world who knows how to do the same. I really enjoyed this post, as it gave me a place to think, and I look forward in seeing what is to come from you. Keep shining your Light. It truly is beautiful. Love, Amy ❤


    1. Hi Amy, sorry for my late reply, I’ve been off visiting family so still catching up with posts. Thank you so much for your lovely comments, it makes me very happy to know you are reading with the same understanding that I felt when writing. We have our blood-linked families, and we have our on-line kinship, and all are very special. Thank you again.
      Peace and love to you xx

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  5. Dear Teri, I’ve now read this gem many times, and each time have come away with a slightly different experience…as if my readings are caught in an eddy of water, spiraling in or deeper into the mystery of color, perspective, awareness, water. This is beautiful and mesmerizing. Thank you. xxo

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    1. Dear Sirena, caught in an eddy of water, that is exactly how it happened, mesmerised, the image so clear in my mind, speaking to my soul, but then we are all mostly made up of water, of course we will know it in it’s most secret place, in its rise and fall, in its fulfilling nature.
      Thank you for reading this again xx

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  6. This is beautiful Thank you for coming to my site and for the follow. I am following you too now. Your kinship with Nature feels like my own, and your words that come from your heart in love for Her touches me and resonates in my heart as well. Thank you for finding me.


    1. Hi Mary, Thank you for your comments and your follow. I am very also touched that my words have a resonance in your heart too. We share the same love for nature and this most beautiful planet, which deserves nothing less than our expressions of gratitude, in whatever way we are drawn to. I am very happy to be in touch with you.
      Peace back to you too,


    1. Hi Steven, it’s good to hear from you. The comments about his little poem have allowed me further perspective. Your interpretation of being in and out of body at the same time captures the essence also. In the moment of a sudden awareness of the ‘other’, we become that which we observe. Nature in all it’s guises can do that and it’s very special isn’t it. Your ‘being’ in the same place is a very welcome connection, thank you.

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