Solstice Song


Shape shifting

The Winter Solstice brings more wind, more rain.

A single bird sings with many voices in the Holly tree.

The song is vibrant, clear, urgent. I long to understand its message,

but all I can hear is joy, all I can see is the Holly Tree,

singing to the wind and rain.


19 thoughts on “Solstice Song

  1. This is lovely. I read it on Natalie’s blog, loved it, and just had to read it at the source. When I saw that you are in Ireland I could well understand this more, not because I have been there myself, but because my family roots are there, in Wyclow, where Michael Cashen. my great (many times over) grandfather, boarded an immigrant ship and came to America, thus establishing our family in this area. My sis visits every other year and brings our memories home to us.


    1. Thank you Angel, and welcomr to Ireland, it is in your blood.
      Wicklow is a beautiful county and your Great, many times over, Grandfather must have been very brave when he boarded that immigrant ship, such stories he would have to tell.

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      1. I wish I could have known Michael. I also wish I could visit Ireland, but the items my sis, Sylvia brings back for me, as well as the photos, are as close as I’ll get physically. I do feel drawn there, as Sylvie is drawn there each time she visits, and begins saving for her next trip. There’s just something about the place that is deep inside me and I can feel it calling. Some day, maybe.

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  2. This lovely poem was on my friend, Natalie’s blog. This really touched my heart. I am named after a bird and often study things written about them. Thanks for this. ~ Robin


    1. Thank you Robin, It is always an honour to reach another’s heart with such few words and birds are such wonderful creatures, messengers perhaps. My brother thought they sang every morning to to help heal the world.


  3. Teri, Thank you for the joy and reverence that this post evokes. I appreciate the reminder that receiving the energy of someone or something–here, joy–can be the key; that listening with our hearts and souls is at least as important as “understanding” with our minds. Wishing you a lovely year that ignites your inspiration. xxo

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    1. Dear Sirena, you warm my heart with your words, thank you. I might not always get around to commenting on all of your posts, but be assured that I always read and enjoy what you have to say (en-joy), and always finding inspiration from your incredible zest for life.
      Happy New Year and many blessings to you and your wonderful new life on the marsh.

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