Gossamer Wings

seagulls flight border copy 2.22 exposure

Watching Seagulls drifting air currents, my arms stretched wide.

Muscles soft, mind adrift.

Tracing patterns with gossamer wings.

About maskednative

I live in Ireland, in an extended cottage overlooking Waterford Estuary, privvy to constant changes of light on water, colour and movement, tides and people. I am anglo-Irish and although my initial intention was to live here for a year and a day, I am still here, a blow-in to these shores for the past fifteen years. There have been countless times when I wanted to run back to England with homesickness and relief, but for one reason or another, so far, it has not been possible. I surrender, the soul of Ireland has captured me, allowed a glimpse of the world behind the mask of everyday experiences, bringing forth a mixture of words and pictures from an ordinary everyday life, filled with ordinary everydayness that I offer as a celebration, to the creator of this truly wonderful planet.
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16 Responses to Gossamer Wings

  1. Yes, the mind, that mysterious part of our existence…and then I think of that Swiss psychiatrist by the name of Carl Gustav Jung…and this quote from him: “Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” Thanks, Teri, for the nice poem.

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  2. maskednative says:

    Yes, It was a good day, dancing with seagulls, flying without wings, joined in the spirit of oneness.
    Thank you Virgilio, for your presence to my poem.

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  3. SirenaTales says:

    Gossamer drifting, wide open arms, soft heart, on the wing….this to me feels light, and free, Teri. An unburdening, somehow. Thanks for sharing the loveliness. xx

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    • maskednative says:

      Just getting back to you on this Sirena, you always give me an interpretation that shows me another perspective. In accepting the freedom of a spiritual flight, unburdoning, was a gift also. Thanks for your insight xx

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  4. Beautiful. I’m soaring with you.


  5. Isabella says:



  6. It is so good to fly, and feel the beat of Wings 🙂 .. I have often on a clear day when at the coast set my sights upon the gulls and been up there with them swooping and calling..
    Beautiful post Teri.. ❤


  7. smilecalm says:

    imagining you
    up there,
    lightly 🙂


  8. Geo Sans says:

    m y s m i l e ~ s t r e t c h e d w i d e

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  9. Thank you for your recent Visit dear Teri.. and just dropping back in to wish you a Wonderful start to March.. Love and Blessings xxx

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  10. Lovely, i especially love the image and its colors!


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