Isn’t that what life is about, happiness, just being happy. Such a hard thing to prophesy to others and yet, such a simple thing to achieve, to have happy thoughts, to dwell on the happiness that we have all experienced in our lives.

I know there have been times of sorrow, despair, depression and despondency, but to give in is to lose ourselves.

I’m on a soapbox of “I have lost faith and trust in all that I thought was right and real and honest. It’s not. Not anymore

Now is the time to look to the simplicity and wonder that we held in childhood, when the world was, as Del Boy famously said, our lobster.

Smile, laugh and be happy, otherwise, it’s all over.

4 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. I think sometimes the world we live in gets the best of us. Finding that little happy child inside helps us get back on our feet. Or if that doesn’t do it then nature is always a great mood booster. It’s all about connecting to something either deep inside ourselves, or outside, but never our crazy mind. Sometimes I like to sing or dance which I don’t do very well, but it makes me happy, lol.


  2. My post was really about the hype and propaganda that is spreading so much fear into people. When you get out of your head and into your heart, all is well. Yes, Being out in nature is the best way I know to connect with the centre of all xx


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