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There is a gazebo at the end of the garden. It overlooks the estuary. When the tide is in, sea water pools around seaweed covered rocks. The sound is peaceful, meditative. I drink an early morning coffee, listen to the birds singing morning songs, watch a spider spin his fragile life between timber beams above my head. Even in the harshest of winters, the rise and fall of tides, sun-light on water, movement of sky, cloud, moon and stars, allows an awareness of nature behind the mask of perceived reality. I offer my words and pictures in celebration and gratitude to God, for allowing me a glimpse behind the mask. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Bio: Teri Flynn was born in Wales of Welsh and Irish Parents. Educated in England, she moved to Co.Waterford, Ireland in 1997 where her Poetry has since appeared in “The Turning Tide” – an anthology of new writing from Co.Waterford. “Southward” The Journal of the Munster Literature Centre and “Imagine” The Tallow Writers Group quarterly review. Her poetry appears in “Sticky Orchard”, a group effort with Alan Garvey, Jim O’Donnell and Anthony O’Neill and grant assisted by Waterford County Council’s Arts Grant Scheme. “Listening To The Grass Grow” with Jim O’Donnell and Anthony O’Neill was published by Edward Power at Rectory press and most recently, in ‘Murmurings’, Remembering Anthony O’Neil, with Jim O’Donnell and Alan Garvey. Her poem Queen Of The Sea was included in the Chesapeake Exhibition at RUH, Bath, 2011. Figurehead Carver, Andy Peters. Photographic display of Ship’s Figurehead Carvings by Richard Sibley – A themed display of her oil paintings and poems entitled Cynefin, were on display in Waterford during The Imagine Festival in 2017. Cynefin-pronounced kuh-nev-in is a Welsh word meaning habitat or place. A place where a being feels it ought to live, where nature around you feels right and welcoming.

Barefoot In The Sacred

Step outside the garden door, fill your eyes with morning light, your whole body with dawn fresh breath. Sink your bare feet into the green cushion  of dewy wet grass,  your toes tingling with surprise. In the heart of everything before … Continue reading

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Castles In The Sky

When I was a child, I climbed walls, just to see what was on the other side, it didn’t matter how high, your friends always climbed with you. We could throw a ball against a wall, or mark it with chalk … Continue reading

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Pine Wood

  Leaving the path I walk into the woods. Sit on a fallen branch  within a circle of pine trees, twigs, sticks,  rotting wood,  pine needles and  fallen leaves, layer upon layer, composted. A decay that  nourishes these  silent giants  whose spongy  … Continue reading

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Three Signets


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Folding mist, blurred edge of land and sky. Roads twisting, turning, falling, rising,  each curve a poem. Where are you leading me, I asked? Just keep walking came the reply.   Wavelets bright as stars in a night sky flashed … Continue reading

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    Through  a weave of variegated ivy leaves,  upon which light and shade played games with my imagination, the truncated tree presented  a face of hollow cheeks and hollow eyes that questioned my beliefs.     During long winter months, … Continue reading

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Perfumed Trails

    In Johnstown Castle Gardens, swans glide serenely on a lake of green algae, their nest hidden by the burst of growth along the swampy waterside. Giant Gunnera and black stemmed Chinese Bamboo plunge their roots into the sodden bank. Blush … Continue reading

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A Delirium Of Wildness

        In an unruly, extravagant wild, weathered golden rocks crown a precious land. Bluebells burst through scrub, moss and brambles. Nests are built and slept in,  oft times disturbed by approaching footsteps. The occupants rise up in … Continue reading

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It was good to stop and take a halfway moment, allowing my mind to wander into forgotten dreams, surrounding myself with thoughts of softness, kindness, strength, and the pleasure of just being here. The unfolding was encouraging,        … Continue reading

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