Folding mist, blurred edge of land and sky. Roads twisting, turning, falling, rising,  each curve a poem. Where are you leading me, I asked? Just keep walking came the reply.   Wavelets bright as stars in a night sky flashed around a large, grey rock, grounded in shallow water. What holds you so still I … More Donegal


    Through  a weave of variegated ivy leaves,  upon which light and shade played games with my imagination, the truncated tree presented  a face of hollow cheeks and hollow eyes that questioned my beliefs.     During long winter months, while rain and gales  rampaged, scattering and flinging in a whirl of  winter chaos, the … More Druantia

Perfumed Trails

    In Johnstown Castle Gardens, swans glide serenely on a lake of green algae, their nest hidden by the burst of growth along the swampy waterside. Giant Gunnera and black stemmed Chinese Bamboo plunge their roots into the sodden bank. Blush of Pink and purple Rhododendrons, Camellia and the perfumed flowers of Mock Orange Blossom. Pine … More Perfumed Trails


It was good to stop and take a halfway moment, allowing my mind to wander into forgotten dreams, surrounding myself with thoughts of softness, kindness, strength, and the pleasure of just being here. The unfolding was encouraging,        Halfway down the crumbling wooden steps, the sound of waves rolling onto sand.  Halfway through January, the … More Halfway