Field Notes By The Sea


Listen with the sea, curling over rocks,

Field notes for MN1

oyster, laid open with razor, and clusters of pink and bone white shells.

field notes for MN2

Listen with the Gulls, see them swiftly rise and fall, hear their call of freedom over footprints.

field notes for MN3


Sit upon a warming rock,

field notes for MN4

 listen to the tide, fill your spirit with the  lullaby,

 the heaving sigh.




I saw Fox watching me.

So still, so quiet was he.

What are you thinking Fox, I said.

Why have you not run away,

you know I have seen you, and yet you stay.

 You are a wild thing Fox.

You live in the freedom of wild things,

the magnificence you bring is irresistible.

Thank you Fox,

for showing yourself today.