Sophia Said – 2

Wisdom is realising what monuments of your life are worth restoring, and what needs rest. Thresholds Old buildings are incredibly interesting, the lives they contained, the changes, the eventual giving way to natural processes of decay, mosses, lichens, nesting grooves for all kinds of animals, and there are those not built to last, will never … More Sophia Said – 2


Water, rippled in the breeze, curled edges running quickly to sharp sand, changing the shape of this strand, where bare white crabs sleep in shallow, sun-warmed, salty pools, where flesh pink shells glisten like jewels and raucous sea-gulls swoon in a summer-blue sky. Where Oyster Catchers ride the tide inches above foam crested waves that … More Alchemy

The Song Of You

Rushing to the shore, the tide follows our footprints,  tracing the pattern of lives filled with memories of YOU  And I am grateful. Grateful for your  life. Grateful to have shared some of it, but more than this, grateful that you are more than a memory, you are the song of the Universe. The song of … More The Song Of You