Diary Of A Blow-In

Afternoon sun shines on slate roofs. Front gardens sit neatly below small square windows, framed with frilly net curtains.  There is no-one around. The quiet is disturbing but the dramatic view of a Rhondda Valley hill, rising up at the bottom end of the road, is breath-taking, as if it was just created, a universe … More Diary Of A Blow-In

Listening with Michael

Kookaburra’s start the morning chorus, accompanied by the dove, bringing echoes of another age when the world was still young. The song is haunting. Michael says birdsong heals the world. He believes that birds sing every morning to redress the balance inflicted on nature by the wrong-doing of mankind.  It’s a comforting thought. I believe … More Listening with Michael

The Song Of You

Rushing to the shore, the tide follows our footprints,  tracing the pattern of lives filled with memories of YOU  And I am grateful. Grateful for your  life. Grateful to have shared some of it, but more than this, grateful that you are more than a memory, you are the song of the Universe. The song of … More The Song Of You