Folding mist, blurred edge of land and sky. Roads twisting, turning, falling, rising,  each curve a poem. Where are you leading me, I asked? Just keep walking came the reply.   Wavelets bright as stars in a night sky flashed around a large, grey rock, grounded in shallow water. What holds you so still I … More Donegal

Wind Of Change

In this wind, Estuary waves crash like surfers on the sand. What news do they bring from far-away lands (from my notebook – May 13th) I’m sitting on a rock below the Power’s place where tumbled rocks, heaped upon each other, stay the land-slip for a while. A fallen tree branch lies horizontal, fresh green sprouting to the … More Wind Of Change

Field Notes By The Sea

  Listen with the sea, curling over rocks, oyster, laid open with razor, and clusters of pink and bone white shells. Listen with the Gulls, see them swiftly rise and fall, hear their call of freedom over footprints.   Sit upon a warming rock,  listen to the tide, fill your spirit with the  lullaby,  the heaving sigh.

Third Anniversary

4th February 2015 A bright winter sun, cut through with North wind chill. I sit with some discomfort below the wall made from  rocks and stones. The tide is out. I feel it has taken you with it but I am here, honouring the memory of you. Three years since that night, listening with J … More Third Anniversary

Standing Stones

  Shhhhh………listen, said the sea. Can you hear the ghosts of war on the tide, carried back and forth from other times, other centuries. Rocks, soaked in sorrow, like tomb-stones littered on the shingle. Who will save our souls, cry the ghosts.


Will you listen with me, to the gusting breeze dashing over hawthorn bushes. To sea-smacks on the rocks below the cliff. To the hum of engines trawling the mist  like a lost soul.