Through  a weave of variegated ivy leaves,  upon which light and shade played games with my imagination, the truncated tree presented  a face of hollow cheeks and hollow eyes that questioned my beliefs.     During long winter months, while rain and gales  rampaged, scattering and flinging in a whirl of  winter chaos, the … More Druantia


                    When I was a chid, I couldn’t imagine where the world began, or ended. There was magic in a rainbow, the friendliness of trees, countless days to play, to dream, until fear, shame, guilt, pain, shadows cast, and the child was lost. Was love ever here? Did it … More Play

Listening with Michael

Kookaburra’s start the morning chorus, accompanied by the dove, bringing echoes of another age when the world was still young. The song is haunting. Michael says birdsong heals the world. He believes that birds sing every morning to redress the balance inflicted on nature by the wrong-doing of mankind.  It’s a comforting thought. I believe … More Listening with Michael